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Initiating education opportunities for study and training in psychology within an Islamic paradigm

IAIP has developed a well-rounded academic and experiential curriculum that provides a solid foundation in the theory and practice of Islamic Psychology for both experienced and aspiring professionals. Classical knowledge is taught along with insight from modern psychology as to how it can be applied in clinical psychology in today’s world from within an Islamic paradigm. Our curriculum is the result of decades of scholarship and research from our team of contemporary Islamic psychologists.


IAIP Certified Educational Programs

We have partnered with institutions to offer our curriculum at varying levels of qualification.

Istanbul Zaim University (IZU)

IAIP has partnered with IZU to offer advanced degrees and certification programs in Islamic Psychology.

Certificate One

IAIP and IZU are currently offering a week intensive certification course in Islamic Psychology & Psychotherapy. This first week long intensive is an introductory course open to all levels of experience. The course is meant to orient participants to an Islamic paradigm of psychology and introduce the theory behind Islamic psychology. 

Certificate Two

In 2019 IAIP will be expanding the program at IZU to offer a part 2 for graduates of part 1. This module will focus more on clinical application and is intended for practicing clinicians. The course gives an overview of different approaches in Islamic psychotherapy and provides the opportunity for clinicians to interact with and learn from a variety of experienced clinicians who practice Islamic psychotherapy.

Find out more about the summer intensive certificate program at IZU in Istanbul here.

AlNilain University

IAIP has partnered with AlNilain University in Khartoum, Sudan, offering two educational tracks.

Diploma Program


IAIP and AlNilain will be launching a diploma in Islamic Psychology beginning in 2019. Students enrolled in this program will be given a foundational education in Islamic psychology from the ground up. This program introduces students to Western theories of psychology and orients them to the Islamic paradigm and indigenous models of treatment. Practical application in therapeutic practice is part of the curriculum.

Masters Degree


Exceptional students who complete the diploma program at AlNilain will have the opportunity to continue their studies in the form of a research project that can lead to a Masters degree in Islamic Psychology and Psychotherapy.

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IAIP curriculums are based on research in theoretical foundations of Islamic Psychology.

IAIP curriculums are based on research in theoretical foundations of Islamic Psychology.

Request to host a workshop or training at your organization

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