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Providing certification to improve qualification and establish high standards of practice

The International Association of Islamic Psychology is the premiere organization responsible for regulating standards in theoretical orientation and best practice in the field of Islamic Psychology throughout the world. Our certification process is based on these standards that have come out of a consensus among scholars, thinkers and clinicians who are leaders in the field with the intention of setting an appropriately high bar that honors both the Islamic tradition and professional psychology ethics.


Complete at least one IAIP-approved course

Make arrangements for supervision with an IAIP-certified practitioner.

Assessment by IAIP board of fellows to determine certification status

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Certification for Educational Institutions

Accredited educational institutions looking to offer courses or degrees in Islamic Psychology can attain IAIP certification for new or existing programs. We offer a well-rounded curriculum and integrated texts that can be tailored to the needs and requirements of each institution. Whether it be a university looking to offer a graduate degree or a smaller institution looking to offer a certificate, IAIP will work closely with partners to design the program, consult on implementation and recommend IAIP certified instructors. Contact us for inquiries.

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Certification for Individual Professionals

Practicing professionals and students of Islamic Psychology looking to obtain credentials in the field can receive IAIP certification in one of two different ways. After having completed training in one of our IAIP certified programs and undergoing a clinical practicum with supervision, trainees will receive individual clinical certification from IAIP. Practitioners with a long-standing history in the field of Islamic Psychology can apply for retroactive certification through an IAIP approved audit of their knowledge and practice. See below for the application link.

IAIP certified practitioner Directory

If you are looking for a clinician in your area who is certified by IAIP, this list provides the names, location and contact information to get in touch with an appropriate practitioner. This is a growing list as we are currently training and certifying clinicians in multiple places around the globe.

IAIP Certified Clinics

IAIP has certified clinics in several locations around the world. This provides the opportunity for students of Islamic Psychology to have more access to practical experience and training as well as to allow for potential clients to have access to finding such services. Clinics with the IAIP seal of certification ensure strict standards of practice and ethics in relation to both local laws regulating mental health and the theoretical underpinnings of an Islamic Psychology orientation to psychotherapy.


The following is the current list of IAIP certified clinics:

Khalil Center (USA)

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Apply for Individual Certification

*must be able to demonstrate knowledge and competence in Islamic psychological theory and practice.

*qualifying IAIP members receive a discount on retroactive certification.

Apply for Clinic Certification

*Clinical Director must be certifiable by IAIP.

Certification Contact
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