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Supporting research in theoretical foundations and practical application of Islamic Psychology

While the concepts of Islamic Psychology have been around for centuries, the field as a clinical and academic discipline is relatively new and continues to develop. One of the main objectives of the IAIP is to advance the field by creating, supporting and encouraging evidence based research to substantiate the emerging theories and practices of Islamic Psychology and build a solid foundation of knowledge from which the world can benefit from. 

This is an artistic rendition of the Islamic model of the soul that was a product from the research of IAIP fellow Abdallah Rothman. Read about the model

Foundational Knowledge

All aspects of our work, from the core of our curriculum, to the standards we uphold and the work that we publish is rooted in rigorous and robust research. We maintain an intentional adherence to Islamic integrity by drawing directly from Qur'an and traditional sources of knowledge while measuring reliability and authenticity with scientific advancements.

Ongoing Pursuit

The IAIP is committed to conducting and supporting ongoing research in a broad range of interests related to the theory and practice of Islamic Psychology. We partner with researchers and institutions to promote the quality and quantity of studies undertaken to advance the recognition of the field as one with academically rigorous, theologically sound and scientifically accurate theoretical underpinnings.

Shared Findings

Our vision involves promoting the awareness and understanding of the Islamic approach to psychology as we believe it has something important to offer the world. We disseminate new knowledge and advancement in research on Islamic Psychology through our publication of research in the form of books, reports and the Journal of Islamic Psychology.

Our Research

Historical representations of Mental Health in the Muslim world

Community Based Participatory Research (CBPR) with American Muslim Community

Psychometric Scales Specific to Muslims

Islamic Framework for Mental Health

Social Justice and Muslim Mental Health


Resources for MMH Researchers  (Resource Information Networks)

Research-Based Assessments and Evaluations

Muslims and Mental Health Lab

under the direction of IAIP Fellow Dr. Rania Awaad

The Muslims and Mental Health Lab at Stanford School of Medicine is dedicated to creating an academic home for the study of mental health as it relates to the Islamic faith and Muslim populations. The lab aims to provide the intellectual resources to clinicians, researchers, trainees, educators, community and religious leaders working with or studying Muslims.


Support Our Work

Individuals and institutions can support the advancement and proliferation of research in Islamic Psychology by sponsoring or chartering research projects. The IAIP consists of a large network of researchers working in a variety of institutions and settings. As an organization we initiate collaborative research efforts by tapping into our vast network within the field.

Explore Past Research

If you are interested in initiating a specific topic of research and wish to fund efforts in this area, please contact us to discuss the details.

Make a donation to support research efforts in Islamic Psychology.

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