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Continuing Dr Malik Badri's Legacy

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Professor Dr. Malik Badri was a torchbearer for the Muslim ummah. His unparalleled work in developing the field of Islamic Psychology has paved a pathway for students, practitioners and others who wish to approach psychology in a way that aligns with the Islamic worldview, an effort needed now more than ever. With the passing of Professor Malik, the torch is passed on to the next generation. We, his family and students, aim to continue his legacy by carrying forward the initiative closest to his heart which he founded for the next generation to carry on his work, the International Association of Islamic Psychology.

We are actively working on initiatives to continue Dr. Badri's legacy with an online archive and two publications highlighting his life's accomplishments, as well as several other projects that he initiated which we are putting into action. In addition to continuing the work that he started, we are dedicated to collecting and, making accessible and distributing the contributions of knowledge that he left behind, so that young generations and people otherwise unaware of his work can learn about him and benefit from the incredible contributions he made the the field of Islamic psychology, and to continue Dr. Badri's Legacy.

The Legacy of Malik Badri

The Legacy of Malik Badri

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Professor Malik dedicated his life to the development of Islamic psychology theory and practice. He accomplished more in his 89 years than most, but he still had so much to give, with ideas, initiatives, research and programs still yet to be brought into fruition. His legacy will live on in his foundational publications, in his students, and in the mission and work of the IAIP which was his final vision for continuing the work that he started in pioneering the field of Islamic psychology. Professor Malik left us with instructions of how to take his work forward for the next generations. We need your support to bring these initiatives into existence to honor his legacy, for the sake of the ummah.

How You Can Support


Please donate today to help us continue Dr. Badri's legacy.

We are aiming to raise funds for the following projects:

1. The production of previously unreleased publications from Dr. Badri

​2. The production of a digital archive of articles, videos, audio, and other content

from the work of Dr. Malik Badri

3. The Production of The Journal of Islamic Psychology

(with the first edition dedicated to Dr. Badri’s legacy)

These projects are a part of IAIP's larger effort in public education to support the mental health of the Muslim community, define and highlight Islamic contributions to the knowledge of the human soul, and elevate the status of Islam in the academic and professional world.

We ask Allāh to forgive Professor Dr. Malik Badri and elevate his station among those who are guided; to enlarge his grave and shed light upon him in it; to send him along the path of those who came before and preserve him among the righteous. Amīn.

Message From the Wife of Dr. Malik Badri

Message From the Wife of Dr. Malik Badri

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