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Advancing the development & application of

Islamic Psychology

The International Association of Islamic Psychology is a professional body which aims to set and maintain a high standard of research and practice in this specialized field. We embrace the Islamic tradition and bring it into the context of modern clinical psychology, with a focus on practical application.


We partner with academic institutions around the world to offer well-rounded training programs for developing and established practitioners.


IAIP offers certification for institutions implementing our curriculum and individual practitioners who have completed the training.


The IAIP promotes publications 

related to theory and practice of Islamic Psychology by its Fellows and other relevant research and scholarship.


Our clinical and academic research initiatives aim to provide evidence based data to inform best practice and increase understanding of the field.

What is Islamic Psychology?


A holistic understanding of the human being that is grounded in the knowledge of the soul from the Islamic tradition and focuses on the heart as the center of the self rather than the mind.

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